What We Believe

There are many different ways to summarise what we believe, and a detailed explanation can be foundĀ  here. In the Reformed Churches of New Zealand, we use creeds and confessions as Bible-based summaries of what we believe. The following describes the basic fundaments of our faith:

  1. Scripture Alone:
    The Bible is the standard for our lives and our faith.
  2. Christ Alone:
    Our salvation from sin is through the works and person of Jesus Christ alone.
  3. Grace Alone:
    Everything we have from God, including forgiveness of sins and salvation is through grace by faith; not by works.
  4. Faith Alone:
    Our justification, that is our being made right with God, is by faith alone.
  5. Glory of God Alone:
    It is our aim to seek and give glory to God in and for all things.

The creeds and confessions we use are as follows:

All our creeds and confessions; as well as liturgical forms have been compiled into a book that is used in the Reformed Churches of New Zealand. To access the PDF file; click here.