This page will help you access all the sermons (both audio and written transcripts) from our pastor, Pieter van Huyssteen. To browse the folder of sermon transcripts, which are organised by topic, please click here. To view the audio sermons on YouTube, please click here. The audio sermons are organised both by date and by topic.

We are currently enjoying two series of sermons from Pieter, focusing on the Gospel of Luke and the Belgic Confession of Faith. These are delivered alongside various other topical sermons. Below are links the first sermons in these series.

Gospel of Luke Series

Find the transcript for ‘Growing in Wisdom’ here.

Interested? Find the whole series here! There are links to the transcripts in the description of each video.

Belgic Confession of Faith Series

Transcript for ‘The Sufficiency of Scripture’ found here.

Interested? You can find the whole series here. Each video has a link to the Belgic Confession, as well as a link to the transcript of the sermon in the description.